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OK, according to modern business lore, how did American Airlines save $40,000 in 1987?

The only cost saving AA were known for that i know of was by not painting the underside of their aircraft. Saving around 500 pounds in laden weight on a 767 aircraft. Resulting in fuel savings on every flight. It was more than $40,000 though. Less fuel needed per flight plus lower cost of painting aircraft. Saving ran into millions per year.
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Same reason they stopped painting the shuttle fuel tanks.

And why Mercedes race cars are silver not white or so this story goes

White was the racing colour for Germany the equivalent of British Racing green or Italian red. In the the 1930s GP car raced to formula libre where anything goes but there was a strict weight limit of 750Kgs. Mercedes turned up at the first race with the W25 but at scrutineering it was found to be overweight. Neubauer didn't want to change nay of the tried and tested components so order the white paint be stripped from the car saving a few KGs which was just enough to meet the weight limit. The Mercedes went on to win and since then all factory Mercedes GP car had been predominately silver.