Quattroporte dirty fuel injector removal


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My 2006 4.2 Quattroporte is showing an Engine fault P0302.
The Coil packs and plugs are fine and the injector on cylinder 2 is clicking away nicely, so I think it is blocked or dirty.
I would guess it has happened as it has been mainly SORN'd and has only been used a couple of times locally for almost a year now ........
I want to remove the injectors on the left hand bank looking from the front of the car, cylinders 1 - 4.
All looks pretty straightforward except the access to the fuel rail at the far end near the wipers.
Does anyone have the removal procedure and what needs to be removed to get access ?


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You will have to remove the scuttle panel if you can’t access it

Wipers arms off
Fuse box and plate off
Pull the washer pipe on the passenger side
All the screws (have fun with the upper passenger one) and remove scuttle lid
Wiper multi plug
Remove wiper assembly
Disconnect brake reservoir
Bolts in the scuttle tray and bend it out
Note the position of the foam block at each end of the scuttle
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At the risk of opening a can of worms, could swap the coil pack with a neighbour.
Maybe try a few trips to the redline? Might blow away some build-up?
Is there any safe additive to try on our cars?


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Hi, thanks for your help.
I swapped coil packs between Cyl 1 and 2 and the problem didn't move so assume Coil Packs OK.
Also plugs are less than 1,000 miles and looked fine.
Removing the fuel rail off this side of the engine to check the injectors looks like it could be a big job. Shame it's not on the other side which looks easy.
I'm now thinking of trying some STP Fuel injector cleaner to start with, but it may not be a good idea to run the engine with a misfire,
and with the current Lockdown I need a valid reason to take it for a drive !!