Not Really a Newbie - I'm back after a long absence


Some of you will know me, but some won't, so I'll (re)introduce myself.

I own 3 Maseratis:

1987 Biturbo Spyder
1995 Ghibli
2000 3200 GTA

I've brought a few for parts
1991 222
1985 Biturbo
2003 4200

and I still have quite a few bits lying around.

I also own Jensens, a Porsche 911 and a Ford Explorer.

I have a workshop in Aylesbury, full of stuff, and I'm willing to tackle any mechanical job on any car.

If I can't buy parts, I usually find a way around it, often by substitution or remanufacture.

I like the Maserati brand, but I don't fit too well in the cars, being nearly 2m tall. I've just fitted a low profile seat (from a Jensen-Healey) into my 3200 to give me a bit more headroom.




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Nice to have you back Dunc and here's to an ongoing relationship for SportsMaserati and its members.