Might sell my 3200...


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I have a dilemma, I absolutely love my 3200GT, no two ways about it, all the same reasons I bought it are still there and it's the best thing I ever did, and everytime I think about moving it on I only have to go out for a drive and the thoughts stop. However, I need to have a more frugal car for a daily, so this is used relatively sparingly, having covered 22k miles in the last 5 years.
I would love to get into a Gran Turismo, and have been looking, quite seriously. I could buy one as well as the 3200, but that would be greedy, and it's the insurance costs that are mainly stopping me, as well as the upkeep of three cars. So I'm lost as to what to do... suffice to say, these cars aren't selling at the moment, so I'm unlikely to be able to sell it, other than virtually giving it away anyway, so I might as well keep it... but it has to be used, it doesn't like sitting around... so I'm going round and round in circles... I need someone to make me an offer I can't refuse, but that's not likely to happen ;-(
Shame as it's the right time to sell given the work that's been done on it this year... all new (forum) discs with Brembo pads, annual service as every year in my ownership and history before that... new cam-belt a few hundred miles ago, new radiator and air-con condenser... previously all the throttle stuff done including contact-less throttle body... new starter motor, new battery, new spark plugs this year... it's running like a Swiss watch... what do i do... anyone interested by all means let me know, it might make my mind up for me... thanks if you've got this far, just babbling really... maybe I should SORN it and put it up on blocks until the prices go through the ceiling... which they surely must one day, when all this Brexit stuff is history... what to do...
You only live once and if you’re thinking about selling maybe you should. Perhaps pool the money you’ve got for a GT and the money you’d get for the 3200 and get something you’ve dreamed about. I’d be looking at 456s and 612s if I’d got a bit more money.