Manual Spyder at BCA next week or so

Hmmmm. A high mileage, early (i.e. jelly chassis) Maser Spyder, in silver, with no warranty, in January, two months before a crash-out Brexit. That’s got bargain written all over it. Will the hammer price even make five figures?
As Ewan says can't see that hitting 5 least it shouldn't do unless the poor buyer is mad or deluded or crazy.

Problem always is it needs to be cheap enough or you will be better spending more to get a better one that will always be worth X more.


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You can just register and bid like anyone else. If you are a trader, once you have made a certain number of purchase, the fees reduce significantly and they offer things like delivery to your nearest BCA etc.

Personally, I wouldn't go near a manual early Spyder at an auction unless it was cheap as Fcuk. Like £7k max. You could easily spend that again getting it to a decent standard.

Rex B

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If you like the colour and are not put off by the mileage then worth a look. This car has been looked after most of its life 13 services last one was 3 years ago but only 3 k miles ago so. Check the hood is in good nick and raises and lowers and if interior and bodywork look good its got to be worth 8k. Engines in these are putting g out the best power at 80k miles.
Rex B


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#16 I said above the missing petrol cap screams “stolen recovered” and that’s a big no. The condition report isn’t glowing.
Sold for £8,800... too much for a gamble and no doubt will be available on the forecourt of a highly reputable dealer near you in time for Spring for a very reasonable £15k.

Plus unless you have a trader account, you can only bid in person at BCA which is a huge faff.