Looking for a Maserati 4200 Spyder GT


I think the engine map responds to being driven enthusiastically - it changes the ignition timing over time. But the suspension is either normal or sport (ie, 2 fixed modes)
I was told this at the factory when I remarked that the car felt so much faster after my thrash down to Modena from the UK via the Alps - Italian tune up for real!
The map changes, of that I'm pretty sure. I believe this is the right of it.



Perhaps Oishi is referring to the adaptive nature of Skyhook. This, from an ancient bookmark is, imho, an elegant explanation:

The system starts with a central control unit for the suspension. This is integrated into the overall Maserati Stability Program (or MSP), and all software is custom programmed for the cars traction, stability, abs, etc.

This is connected to 6 main sensors that measure the car's movement - three vertical (two in the front, one in the rear), one longitudinal (centrally located), and two wheel acceleration sensors (in front).

The system connects to a small motor in each shock that varies it's valving.
When you pre-set the system in normal or sport, it pre-selects your shock to an appropriate valving. The system is programmed with anti-dive, anti-squat, and anti-roll algorithms. As the computer senses these movements, it changes the valving of appropriate shocks to counter-act the movements.

The shock it uses varies on situation, it will stiffen up rear shocks as the front dives, to slow the rear's rise, or the shocks on the inside of a hard corner.


Thanks Navcorr, that's close , but I remember reading that the system had an algorithm that allowed it to adapt to different driving styles, a memory almost. I think it was on the Mannesmann Sachs website. I'll keep looking.


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as the title say, I'm looking for a Maserati 4200 Spyder GT.

If the car has the following properties that would be perfect:

  • Left Hand Driver
  • Version MY04 / MY05 (without facelift)
  • GT (no Cambio Corsa)
If somebody has information where I can find one, that would be perfect.

For information I'm located in Switzerland.

Thank you !