London road trip to Europe?

I'm in.

There are some conditions though...

I'll need picking up in nothing less than a Rolls Royce Phantom (from my cottage in the middle of a pheasant-filled field in Essex) and taken to the airport, note I need and absolutely shall require three first class tickets to travel (one for me & one each for my Bulldogs).

Upon arrival in Ibiza I need a Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale preferably in red with DELIVERY MILEAGE ONLY to be waiting for me and be no more than 65 feet away from the plane, also note the climate control should be set to 14.8 degrees Celsius exactly, along with this I want Sir Stirling Moss present with up to date directions to said Ibizian villa & a head full of story's of driving the 250F.

Upon arrival me & Sir Stirling Moss expect the villa to be absolutely clean & be vacant of yourself & anyone else with the exception of at least 12 break-dancing female strippers. Please note along with the strippers, we shall require at-least 5 bottles of the finest Spanish brandy & throw in a couple of bottles of Petrus, Latour while you are at it.

Opon approx 3 days of non stop partying with the above mentioned strippers & Sir Stirling Moss I will require the above in reverse order to get me home.

Captain. Private Villa user.
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Haha I’m just taking names at the moment to see if there is any interest really .... villa is 3k for the week but already got 5 people 4 drivers bmw Maserati Audi R8 and a Aston going so be nice for some fellow GT enthusiasts if anyone would fancy a 3 day drive across Europe haha
Not talking deposits or anything yet and if people do join from here you won’t have to pay anything until the day as we’re driving across no advance flights or anything to pay for will just have to sort your own booking for ferry from mainland to Ibiza island