Liber-T tag for French autoroutes.

I’m debating whether to purchase one of these to avoid the hassle of having to fumble for change and run around the car to be able to reach the peage machine...

Anyone got one? Any tips on whether they are worth having
I looked into this in the summer. The in-laws have got one and suggested I should do the same. There doesn’t seem to be any financial benefit to having one, in fact there’s a a cost as you have to buy the tag and pay a subscription. But if you’re using peage a lot it removes the hassle and they’re aren’t usually any queues.
I use one and it certainly makes life easier on the autoroutes. There is an annual management fee of €6 and a monthly active service fee of €4 which is applied if the toll is used. I think the toll charge is the same. It does allow you to go through the specially marked lanes at about 15km/h without stopping.
I've a Sanef one. Worth having, you get a discount and then are just billed at the end of the month.

No faffing around for your credit card or cash at every toll booth. Especially as they have them on the wrong side!!!
How much is road tax in France? In Ireland I found it gauling (see what I did there?) that the Maser was €1849 a year Motor Tax and I still got to pay the M50 Toll, the Tunnel Toll, and tolls on just about every other motorway.

I had an E-Flow tagger, gives you a discount, can't remember how much now......