Interior Leak

Pulled the rear seat squab out to find a rattle and found the sound deadening was wet. Further digging has shown under the carpets are wet too. Yep, it keeps on giving :confused:.


Spraying some water around the fuel filler has shown a leak there. However that area was completely dry before I started.



The whole interior is going to have to come out to dry the carpets. I’m going to replace the seals in the filler neck and solenoid but seeing as how this area wasn’t wet I’m wondering if there’s anything else I should look at I don’t want to have to do this again?
I’m not sure, the fuel filler will definitely leak if sprayed with water but the area around it seemed dry, although the rear seat base area was wet.

The passenger side floor seems the most wet with the front of that the worst bit. There is some dampness below the a pillar but can’t see an actual leak.

Could it be drain holes in the scuttle? I’ve had the scuttle trim off before and there were no leaves or blockages around the heater inlet.



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On my 3200GT, I once experienced a seriously damp carpet at the front. It turned out that the rubber tubes that are the drains from the scuttle (around the air intakes, wipers etc. if you mean the same ones) pass through the cabin either side of the transmission tunnel and then through grommets in the floorpan/tunnel to the outside world. The bottom of one of these tubes was not properly inserted into its exit hole and hence was effectively draining into the vehicle interior. I can recall it required a "swan dive" under the dashboard to sort it out but not a full dashboard out plus it was harder for myself as it was on the driver's side.

Worth a look.


Are there drain holes within the fuel filler area- could they be blocked.

I have had leaks around sun roofs where drains are blocked and like others drains taking water away from front air vents have been a common issue on a number of cars.
The drain in the fuel filler recess is ok, I’ve checked. But the seal round both the cap and solenoid are leaking. I don’t think this fully explains the leak as the boot isn’t wet, the parcel shelf isn’t wet and I don’t think that’d make the front footwell wet. So I’m looking for another leak too.
The rear lights and boot lid leak on the 3200, especially if its been into a body shop were they've been removed and not fitted back correctly

Thanks Dave. The right hand side of the boot and the spare wheel well are dry I’ll check the left later.

I left it outside and it’s been peeing it down all night. Will have a nosey before going to work.
Despite it raining all night there’s no evidence of any water anywhere not inside nor the boot or parcel shelf :rolleyes:

I’ve checked the pollen filter housing and the ac drain they both seem ok and driver’s footwell was the only dry bit.


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I've just had the same thing 2 times running. The culprit is in my case the aircon drain tube not being in place. It would usually dampen the front carpets first but this time it ran down the side of the transmission tunnel, under the front carpets & end up in the back. Get about 1/2 litre of water out each time. Check it, it's only a 2 minute job.
Air con tube is definitely ok just checked it again.

Rain all last night and nothing is wet. I can only assume it is either the fuel filler and has built up over time or that it was a leak a previous owner had that had since been fixed but not dried out.

Will replace the seals on the filler and solenoid and hopefully the insulation will dry soon as the swamp donkey smell in the kitchen is getting a little overpowering
Try stuffing a load of silica gel in there to help things along. This is what AV Engineering did when they changed the heater matrix in my car. They left it like this with a cover on the car for a week to dry out...

Thanks. Ive put some silica bags in there and the car itself is now dry. Just the insulation that’s taking a while. I’ve got it hung around the house
I take it the matirx is central, behind the Infotainment screen Shoghi ? Im thinking a cheap borescope + laptop shufti if so...!
Yes, you should get one of those because they are super handy for Maserati ownership but not strictly necessary to check if your matrix is leaking. Remove the kick plate in the passenger footwell to expose the fusebox and remove the blanking panel on the side of the transmission tunnel - with these panels removed you can get your hand behind the NIT/under the matrix... check for damp or gewy residue (especially on the wiring loom directly under the matrix and in the top right corner of the footwell behind the fuse boxes), do a cheeky taste test if its antifreeze then it's weeping/leaking.

If it is damp but does not taste like anti freeze (just water) then it will be the blower or drain tubes blocked so you will need to check the pollen filter and drain in the drivers footwell for detritus. Generally a good sign is when you turn your car on and it does a little wee under the car from the drain tube in the drivers footwell, if it does not do this then there is a blockage
10-14 days for the seals to arrive :rolleyes:
Whilst it’s out I’ve cleaned up and painted the sticky ashtray. Glovebox handle next whilst I try and fix the light in there.