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Hi everyone I’m getting quotes of over £900 for a granturismo 4.7 is this normal I’m 33 with 8 yrs ncb can anyone recommend someone cheaper thanks


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I'm with Admiral multi-car. Have my GT, a Merc E350D AMG Sport and a Merc 350D ML, for £1,029.
And whilst I was their I did my household insurance and got that cheaper as well.

Apparently if we'd put the dog insurance with it, that would have got all three cheaper.


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Another with Admiral Multicar. MC Stradale and an RS Q3 Performance insured for just over the £1,100 - low risk area, both mid-40s, one with 5yrs NCB, the other named driver only as history. Didn’t think that was bad, and adding another car would have probably brought the premium down!


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A Plan wouldn’t insure me when I had my GTS.

I had to get it through Privilege and it cost me probably around £1.5k with limited mileage as well!!

Plus they wouldn’t allow me to park it on the street overnight!

Wouldn’t say I live in a high crime area .....

Admiral wouldn’t insure me either.

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Yup, Admiral Multi-car.
About £450 for the QP plus a few hundred for the Volvo and Fiat (3rd party, fire & theft). Tried to do the QP 3rd-party but they said it was too valuable (???), but premium reduced by nearly £100 when I pushed for a maximum excess (£1,300).
Also, a cool thing they can do is sign you up for multi-car, but only bring the other cars into the policy when their old policies expire.


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Now here's a thing. And bear with me on this. I agreed in a fit of guilty parenting to sort out insurance for my daughter a newly qualified nurse / midwife.
Told her to let me know the best quote. So the two best quotes were 580 from Hastings direct and 620 from Hastings online - different compulsory excess.
She eventually got hold of me (Thursday) and asked which she should take. Cheapest obviously as I threatened to beat her up if she claimed!
So she goes back to computer (Friday) and ....... Both quotes have gone up! By 12% overnight!!
( No she hadn't claimed in the intervening 12 hours)
So I suggested that she use a different computer (cookies can influence some commercial aspects!)
Tried her boyfriends computer next day (Saturday). Both quotes had gone up a further 10%.
Did some online sleuthing.
Meantime by Monday prices had gone up another 16%

It seems insurance pricing online is changed by a) time to go until expiry of current Insurances, b) day and time you are looking ( volume of similar traffic across website) and c) the number of punters taking up various insurance products.

It seems to have not much to do with facts!!

So I got her to ring Hastings and explain the issue. She got the insurance at the original £580.

I was shocked at the patent manipulation of pricing!!

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Try our sponsor AIB the saved me £200 on the Strad with a higher quality cover. Think I pay £550, 47 with 9 NCB protected in a low risk area. 3k limit and has to be garaged whilst at home.


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I’m looking at £908 for a GS

28years old, 5 year NCD

Oddly with 0 year NCD it was only £100 more...I assume it gets to a point where an insurer asks for an amount regardless of NCD due to type of car...?