Welcome, few words which is a welcome change to some on here ;)
Howdy! It would certainly be helpful and interesting to hear a bit more from you by way of introduction. You could perhaps share with us your interest in the Maserati brand and the cars that you own or like. It would also be edifying if you were to say something about your own location and background. Perhaps you would like to take a moment to weigh in on the key issues that occupy the attention of the forum members, such as the ongoing situation with Brexit, whether Jenny Agutter is the finest woman in the world, and that sort of thing. You probably would want to stay clear of the six different 5,000-post threads on viruses, but otherwise, your opinions matter and we would like to hear them. But whatever you do, don't ask about which tyres are best. :D


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Thanks for the warm welcome. Well, I have mostly owned Corvettes for the past several years. Not the expensive ones. I was driving down the road the other day and saw a Maserati and said "wow, that looks pretty cool." I surfed 'em up and saw there seem to be deals to be had and wondered why the price drop? So I started reading the forums and here I am. I like that the "affordable" modern Maseratis have a Ferrari engine with timing chains instead of the 3 year belts. I'm thinking people are scared of them because of the variators. I had a Ferrari 308 GTSi and liked the exhaust note when I was 7500 RPM's going through the gears. The Ferrari engine is what drew me to here. I don't know if I'll buy one, but I like the coupes & Gran Turismos with an 8 cylinder and like learning about different cars. This forum has a bit more technical information than maseratilife.

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Welcome @Mission, nice to have you here!

I mostly lurk around, currently saving up for my first luxury car. Not even halfway, yet.