gransport tyres - suited for hotter climates and longer drives


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I've noticed forum members have particular preferences for specific tyre brands in relation to Gransport....would you be equally as ardent on these if the application was for hotter, dryer climates, and longer country roads? I'm about to get new shoes for my GS - I am just not sure which ones to go with. 40 degree days are probably not the norm in the UK...
The issue with the OEM Pirelli is not just the lack of grip when cold its the stiffened sidewalls that split the shoulder when you it a pothole.

So as always, I will recommend Goodyear Eagle F1's for their grip, price and lack of stiffened sidewall.

Stay clear of Vredsteins too, they are a copy of the Pirelli and again have the stiffened sidewalls and suffer the same fate.

Michelins are probably a better all round tyre but you will pay for it, they are not cheap. Goodyear F1's are inexpensive and readily available and work extremely well on the coupes.