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So the cars have all been launched and we are now 2 days in to the first test session. As normal these things tell us very little but it interesting to see who brings what to the party.

Initially it looks like Williams have a car that might be capable of staying on the same timing sheet as the other teams, Russells time in particular have been there or there abouts which is great to see, I hate seeing a team slowly going down the pan especially one that over the years have given so much.

Mercedes seem to be bringing the innovation, some apparently adjustable steering system that allows the drivers to reduce the toe in whilst going down the straights thereby reducing the drag and potentially wear on the tyres. Test is one thing race is an other, I suspect the FIA will be looking very carefully at the rulebook as to will be the other teams especially if it gives them an advantage.

Other than that no big changes, Ferrari still running airflow through and under the car which was part of the reason they had slower cornering speeds than the teams pushing airflow out and over the car, changing this would have been a big move especially as there is only 1 year of this specification / rulebook.

Other than that not a lot, most teams are sticking to similar sponsors hence colours although Toro Rosso have renamed themselves Alpha Tauri with a new colour, Alpha and Alfa is not going to cause the commentators any issues - Not. Williams colours look fresh and bright and racing Point (soon to be Aston Martin) have gone an even brighter shade of Pink


RP have gone a deeper shade of silver under the bodywork and in Mercedes 2019 v2.0 and look like they have jumped the midfield and may cause headaches for the top 3 teams if they can keep their cars on track and pick up places when Ferrari have the inevitable meltdown.

But on the face of 2 days' testing where you expect Mercedes and Ferrari and possibly Red Bull to be sandbagging, and with a huge improvement from William's, it should be a competitive season. Maybe they should not change the technical regs next year.


The Merc steering solution is really interesting, I am assuming they are changing the length of the steering arms somehow.

Haven’t looked at the other designs in much detail but I have seen Ferrari are sticking with an inwash front wing concept, which surprised me given the downforce advantage of the outwash concept.

Will be good to see who is sandbagging soon!


I have been watching testing as I have been working from home sick with the flu since Tuesday... Renault seems to be worst off with the car sitting stationary in the garage for the majority of testing

MB are definitely sandbagging... The DAS system is crazy I wonder how much of an advantage they will get out of it