For sale My 2009 Maserati grantourismo S MC-shift

Different priorities I guess. I bought my 3200GT years back when our first was due - much more practical than the car that went before it.

Did you get the grill chromed yourself?

Best of luck with the sale.

Looks a nice car, lots of people buy one of these when kids come along. If it is your genuine reason for sale, as Mark says, buy a baby seat for £150, job done. If not, good luck with the sale.
I'm obviously not the seller, nor do I presume to know anything about them, but kids cost more to run than Maserati's do - the reason for selling might not be as simple as the kiddo not fitting (and I bought mine because I had a kid...)

Looks a lovely car, the chrome grill isn't an obvious choice but looks good on it. Good luck with your sale.
There is more to it than just the missis being pregnant. Money isn’t flowing atm and my priorities have changed. It’s braking my heart the thought of selling her.

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