First Impressions - Gallardo Spyder LP560


Congratulations on a completely sensible purchase. The regrets I have of owning one are far outweighed by the joys

Things to look out for and look forward to:
  • Rear tyres wear down to the canvass on the inside and maintain a pristine tread on the outer edge
  • You discover the above when you lend your car to your mate and he reports that it's a bit lively in the wet
  • The gearbox might munch a bearing; it's cheaper to buy a new gearbox than mend it
  • It feels fast now, give it a couple of months and you'll be convinced that it's down on power
  • When you're driving a normal car you'll wonder why no one is looking at you when you stop at traffic lights
  • Looking out of the side window (When you have the roof up) to see if the lights have changed when you're in pole position becomes completely acceptable
  • You'll end up on first name terms with your local petrol station
  • And the local tyre fitter
  • You'll be grateful that you do have/remorseful that you do not have, the electronic nose lift
  • You'll scrape the nose often, and then curse yourself for not using the electronic lift
  • When it comes to selling it you'll wonder why no one wants to buy a bright yellow convertible Lambo
  • After being for sale for 6 months you'll take almost any offer for it
  • When it goes, you'll think about how much it cost you to own... the payments are the cheap bit
  • You'll miss it when it goes, regardless of what you swap to unless it's another Lambo
New gearbox! Not heard that one before, how much is a new gear box dare I ask..


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Nice writeup and Lovely looking car but I may be tad biased. I found the car was much better when I swapped my tyres to PS4S.

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Lovely and interesting write up.

You have got me wondering again about swapping my 360 for one but I really love the spec of the 360.

I love being a Lambo owner (and I am the clubs Welsh regional events organiser) but my Jalpa v my 308 makes me worry I would regret swapping the 360 - first world problem obviously!