F1 pump explained and how to


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Sorry to barge in but I am hoping you can help me out with the dreaded F1 pump problem
I have a 4200 cc which a few months ago would not engage a gear after reversing off of the drive. We managed to get the car on to the drive but she would not start an I has the cc warning light on. I left it a day, went to see if anything had changed and hey presto she started. Three months later the cc light is on and she won't start. I can hear the relay click when the door is opened or ignition is on. Is this a pump failure or something more sinister?
Any advice would be much appreciated


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What's the latest on the f1 pump? Is it agreed that the newer maserati version (247223) confirmed as being more reliable than the old or the equivalent alfa romeo part?


Arg, the old Ford TinCorner, grew up in a 2L Daytona Yellow Mk2 GTS, not bad considering its Yank underpinnings, oh happy days!

I remember somewhen in the very early 80's my dad got up to 100mph in it, it was quite an event (and a struggle) how things have changed.

It was a mrk 3 GLX , I should know I threw up in it enough times .