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I just checked on the Transport for London website to confirm my Euro 6 Ghibli Diesel is exempt from the 'ULEZ' pollution charge, which comes into force in London in April '19, and expands outwards by 2021.
According to TFL my car is not exempt, and therefore would be subject to the charge. After doing a bit of digging, it turns out there information is sourced from the DVLA. Then after even more digging, they were supplied with the information at the time of first registration, it would now appear incorrectly.
Having spoken with Maserati customer service now located in Italy, they confirm my car is indeed euro 6 compliant, like all other models they produced in that year.
I am now having to go through all the aggravation in order to get Maserati to agree to supply a Certificate of Conformity, which should prove this to be the case. This then needs to be sent off to the DVLA along with the V5 registration, in order that the records can be updated, and then get in touch with TFL in order that they can update their records.
Whilst not an insurmountable problem by any means, you can Bet this whole episode will be fraught with confusion difficulty and much chasing to all parties concerned.
Whilst I am prepared to make the effort, how many other vehicle owners will be unknowingly caught up with an incorrect classification of their car, and making unnecessary payments for charges that do not apply and penalties that are wrongly issued.
Another example of how the motorist is an easy target for Revenue.

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F*ck it and the horse the silly c*nts rode into town on; that’s why I avoid London.
An early-start drive into London (you need to be in before 7am) can be a pleasure. When the traffic builds up it’s pointless.

Yesterday I overtake a Porsche GT3 RS, twice. Brand new white one. Looked and sounded lovely. I was walking down Holborn.
Just checked, my car is exempt as well. Good to see the consistency here. "Punish the diesel driving heathens and their devils fuel!!". Crazy isn't it?


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Mine is not exempt. Bugger. That means I will have to pay £0 extra a year as I never go near the place!


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Hello Keith, I have exactly the same problem. Mine is a 2016MY 65 plate, built sometime in July 2015, and according to ULEZ website it is not exempt. My local dealer has been useless and told me that my car is EURO 5, even though I read up that all MY2016 are EURO 6. Mine has the powered tailgate, no DAB and adblue tank. I emailed Maserati and did not get any reply. So just wondering how do you get a Certificate of Conformity from Maserati? Thank you.