Biturbo & Ghibli II Camshaft profiles?


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Does anyone have info for camshaft parameters (durations, lift etc), for standard Biturbo 18V and 24V, Ghibli, Racing and Ghibli Cup?

So the question is that is there a difference, and how much? Unfortunately the service manual comes rather short on this aspect.

I'm probably rebuilding the whole 2.24v engine next winter, and I'm thinking giving it a bit of an upgrade at the same time. I'm currently trying to cross reference all manuals to see if I could increase the bore to 94mm from 86, making it a 2.6L "high-revving" engine with quite bit more compression. That would be huge benefit as I'm planning to convert it to E85 fuel at the same time. Have to change the ECU though as well.
So while doing that, would be good idea to optimize the cams as well.


I don’t have that detail, but perhaps someone like @Maurizio, who posted some details of the work he had done on Bi-turbo era cars might know.