Badge and Vent Cover Refurbishment


Tips for anyone wanting to do this.

As many people will have this fading on their Giugiaro badges like mine. I purchased 2 new badges that are protected with a clear domed rubber/plastic (same size slightly different design) off ebay for £5 only

  1. Masking tape around badge for location.
  2. Double masking tape again for location but allows you to remove first tape for cleaning the area under the removed badge (heat with a hair dryer and slowly pries off with fingers or blunt tool as it is only double-sided tape).
  3. Deep clean the area with detergent and turps to remove all grime or left over tape ( the last owner must of had one of the badges come loose at some point and in his infinite wisdom desided to stick it back with SuperGlue!! this made one of them a PITA!!)
  4. refit inner masking tape to obtain exact location of badge.
  5. Gently apply new badge (double-sided tape already on new badge) until you are happy with the position and then press down hard.

Again many will be suffering with that horrible sticky black gunk on your dashboard vent cover. I noticed that Shoghi (FIFTY) had addressed this a while ago, and after speaking with him, it turned out he used the same methodology as me.
  1. Heat up the finish with hair dryer (it was a hot day when I did it so not required)
  2. scratch off as much gunk as you can with a blunt instrument (I used my thumb nail),
  3. Then apply turps with a cloth until gunk is removed (as Shoghi said the slats are a PITA and takes patients and 3 cheapo tooth brushes from Morrisons)!!
  4. Finally polish off with a good wax (I used turtle wax)............Sorry, forgot to take a before picture, only an after. This took the best part of a day but they were all worth it don't you think!!??
This shall remove the white decals from the plastic, but I think this is no biggy!



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With regards to removing the gunky stuff, was speaking to a detailer the other day and he says: Magic Sponge...comes off real quick and not heating.


Careful with the masking tape on the paintwork it's very easy to lift off the lacquer

On the vent I didn't use a hair dryer but just soaked it in isopropyl and lifted it off with a toothbrush, it came off very easy but I think it was dwn to the soft touch gunk having long expired on my car