Automatic window drop/raise function


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Dear Maserstisti!

Ich couldn’t find my problem with the search function.
My left (driver side) window drops and raises completely after pressing the switch for at least a second.
My passer window doesn’t do this. I have to hold the button the whole time.
Are both of your Windows have the auto function or is it for whatever reason only the drivers side?

Another question about the AC
When I start the engine, always the inside circulation button is on. I don’t think it was always like this. Is there any possibility to have it always on fresh/outside air?

Thank you very much!
The passenger window doesn't have auto raise and lower IME.

No idea about the re-circulation. Is it hot where you are now? That will make the system (in automatic) do that.



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Thank you very much for your reply!

Yes, at the moment it’s “hot”. At least over 20 degrees if that may be called hot. This spring and last fall when it was significantly colder, it did not do that.
Regarding the window dropping function I will then look for an UK right hand side control module.
Chris is correct re the window drop.

Re the circulation button... I belive that depends on the heater serrings (rotation knobs) position and ambiant air temp.

If you leave them in a low cool setting they keep the circulation flap closed to aid cooling of the cabin and if this is thw setring when starting the system defaults to the max cooling programme.
I suspect one of the contact switches in the door is broken, they are not that tough so not uncommon. Its probably a fault around the auto dip function that drops the glass when you open the door and it just never stops?
The heating defaults to recirculation and I think you get some fresh air even in recirc mode. It uses the AC to dehumidify and demist the windows, so it part of the air conditioning logic I think. I drove myself nuts trying to get it to behave with the recirc off and I now just drive with it on and I don't notice it. If you need fresh air open the windows!!!