A very brave young man.


I wanted to share this story of one of the bravest lads I know and how Lewis Hamilton made his dream come true as its heart warming.

A friend and work colleagues son has been very ill for most of his life. He had been in and out of hospital most of his life. Through all the pain and treatment he never stopped smiling and was always positive. Even so it felt that every step forward was a step back for him and his family. This came to a head last year where they had to make the decision for him to have his leg amputated ...... This was a matter of survival and although for a 12 year old this was a moment that would change his life it would also give him life. He went through this operation ...... Yes there was plenty of upset but he was still positive and strong. Through this time and the coming weeks and months of physio and learning to walk again the one thing that kept him smiling was his love for F1 and particularly Mercedes and his hero Lewis Hamilton.

Well a few weeks ago his dreams came true and got to meet his hero and the team. You can see just how happy he is below and Lewis I know gets some bad press but he took time out along with the team to make this time special and give him an experience that he will remember for the rest of his life. Life is precious and its people like Fin that show us this....


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Great story Andy. Good luck to the young man and well done to Lewis and Bottas for taking time to meet him.

Easy to judge those in the public eye from afar when we don't normally get to see stuff like this that they do off camera.

Thanks for sharing.


Lovely story Andy......thanks for sharing. Good to see Lewis and Valteri making the effort to spend time with the young lad. I suspect he will have a very bright future ahead of him.

It should be a lesson to all that even a major issue can be a minor blip if you only let it be so. Very inspirational. Billy Monger is similarly inspirational. Tough kids and they should be applauded


Wow what a brave and determined young man! Lovely of Lewis to make that day special for him and his supportive family.
Let’s hope he has a happy and healthier future.


Lewis seems to do a lot of stuff that doesn’t garner attention, he actually seems like a decent bloke.

Well done to Fin, hopefully this is a new start and there’s plenty of support out there but you do have to go find it. Wheelchair basketball is a big thing round here and not limited to having to be in a chair. If motor racing is his thing there have been more successful drivers than the stories around Billy Monger give credit. Clay Regazzoni was a successful rally driver after his accident, Donald Day is epic in his ERA and Alex Zanardi has won WTC races, 4 Paralympic golds and a gazillion world championships.

Best of luck Fin.


Thanks for making me cry like a Big girl Andy!! I wish I could be half as brave as Fin. And even though I have never liked Hamilton, massive respect to him!!


What a brave young man and big “hat tip” to Lewis and his team for making this happen and giving a little back to a world that has been very generous to them.
There have been similar stories recently as well involving F1 teams.