4200 Spyder - Seems Expensive.


Saw this car over a year ago in Wales. One of the original adds:

The price was dropped a further £2K after I walked away. So 3K miles extra for at least an additional £7K. Hmmm.

I wasn't impressed with the description when I saw the car. Lets just say the previous owner was being optimistic.
It certainly wasn't in concours condition as claimed. Maybe the current owner has spent a packet. Maybe not.
Buyer very much beware I would respectfully suggest.
That's what I thought when I went to view a year+ ago.
More than happy I walked away.

Edit: needed a repair on the underside of front bumper - despite being described by the then owner as being in concours condition. Will be expensive given it has a clear bra. A badly installed one at that - overlapping in places. I didn't ask if the bumper damage was related to Emblem having "difficulties refitting" the undertray. They also did a lot of gearbox work 2 years ago and it still wasn't right when I saw it. The impression I left with was of someone tarting up the car to get rid of it.
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