2014 AGM Minutes


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Herewith are the minutes from yesterdays AGM meeting, any comments should be emailed to: admin@sportsmaserati.com

SportsMaserati.com 4th AGM
23/02/2014 The Holiday Inn Newport Pagnell

On the home page, add a section that advertised upcoming events in chronological order with a link to the relevant thread so members can ealisy see what is coming up in the coming weeks.

Current events to be arranged are:
Sharnbrook - Gixerboy
Bleinham - Gixerboy
Le Mans 24hr Conaero
Centenary Trip – Conaero/Emtee/Newton/Hodroyd/FCZ360
Ace Cafe Italian Night - Conaero

Track Days - AndyK
Due to falling attendance, the final Llandow track day will be: October 2015 then look into new venue and circuit too small to suit GT cars, Rockingham has been mooted at a figure of circa £170 per car

It has been agreed that FREE member subscritpions will continue for the forseable future.

Senior members will be granted use of the Classifieds sections to sell personal and not trade cars only.

Add www.maserati-forum.co.uk and www.maserati-forum.com domain names to the website as imbound links.

Branding and Factory affiliation:
We feel it is now time to revisit the descition to build closer affiliation with the Maserati UK Club and the Maserati Factory and UK subsidary. This ultaimately will result in a new logo and branded merchandise being produced with with or without the Maserati logo and scripts.

First port of call will be Andy Haywood, Maserati UK Club senior member. Andy has already been contacted but is away on holiday for the next week.

If Maserati branding is not granted then SM will continue down its own path, a new logo, in the same mould as SportsAlfa.com will be produced and mercandise offered to our members for sale. The current thinking is that the have members attend events dressed head to foot in SportsMaserati regalia is “not cool” so merchandise will be limited to the following:
  • Mug – Black with reversed out logo, Fuel the Passion strapline and Italian stripe banding
  • Brollies – Black with reversed out logo, Fuel the Passion strapline and Italian stripe banding around circumference.
  • Sweatshirts - Black with reversed out logo, Fuel the Passion strapline and Italian stripe up the arms, no forum username emboideray offered.
  • Keyring – Leather
  • Car Sticker – Discreet clear sticker with logo and Fuel the Passion strapline in single grey colour.
  • Promotional – 5’ x 2’ PVC banners, Sail banners and flyers for use at club events.
BennyD was duly elected to manage promotional items.

That concluded the forum section of the meeting. We then turned our attentions to the Centenary planning, which you will all be updated in a later thread.