2005 Maserati Quattroporte V DS SOLD SOLD SOLD


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Now that my QPV is in tiptop condition, time to pass it onto a new home. I won't use it and I've had my fun through lockdown bringing it up to standard.

So if you want a very nice car for a criminally low price, look no further. The car has been known on here for many years.

It's actually been really well looked after mechanically throughout and other than a service and very minor items, the main work I've done has been cosmetic so it looks as good as it runs.

Prior to my ownership, it was owned by a forum member for about 10 years, he actually owned it twice!

The current mileage is 73,900 with it creeping up only as I've not got the time for more than that just now!

It had a clutch at 66,850 miles, has been having its subframes rust proofed annually for some time and recoated in February and as it's a DS, there are no variator issues to worry about.

Amazing colour that looks so good in the flesh. Super classy and befitting of such a great design.

Oddly, she has both the Executive GT packs (tables in the back, massaging/cooled seats and so on) as well as the Sports Pack (different suspension settings, silver calipers etc).

Oh, and it has Larini sports cats and hollow back boxes so it makes a nice noise too.....

Here's the lowdown...

Maserati Quattroporte CN05 AAJ

Quarzo Dolomite – Avorio main hide, Blu carpets and dash inserts

Service History

Delivered 07/03/05 Dick Lovett Cardiff

13/07/2005 6553 miles Dick Lovett Cardiff
11/07/2006 18811 miles Dick Lovett Cardiff
12/02/2008 27000 miles Dick Lovett Cardiff
07/05/2010 30180 miles Romans of St.Albans
29/11/2010 36534 miles JCT600 Maserati Brooklands
17/11/2011 42278 miles Shiltech Maserati
05/11/2012 47037 miles Giallo Maserati
05/12/2013 48251 miles Giallo Maserati
13/02/2015 52335 miles JCT600 Maserati Brooklands
17/02/2016 57483 miles Autoshield Maserati
13/02/2017 61930 miles Autoshield Maserati
01/04/2019 66850 miles Autoshield Maserati CLUTCH
03/07/2019 67786 miles Autoshield Maserati
12/02/2021 71645 miles SL Vehicles + HR Owen parts

MOT – 10th January 2022

Serviced 14 times, all main dealer or well-known specialist


New pads front and rear June 2021
New paint June 2021
Replaced all badges
Ceramic coated + fully detailed
Leather repaired
Bosch replacement battery

Larini Sports Cats
Hollow back boxes
Titanium wheel bolts, wheel sensors replaced

3 x Keys

Full History, all books, leather handbook folder, stereo and key code cards,receipts, MOTs etc

6 owners but one of them owned it twice for a total of 11 years or thereabouts.

Sub frame – rust proofed each year for several years, last done at service in Feb 2021.

Asking a very keen £9450 which is around what it owes me to date.


Alan Surrey

Unfortunately I already have one and I love it to bits, so I won't be buying.
What a gorgeous car though, Outrun. Thank you, on behalf of the whole world, for bringing it up to this standard and loving it so much.
Best wishes for a quick sale to a deserving new owner.
Please make sure you interview him/her well :)


This car is clear proof of how undervalued nice QPV’s are compared to other stuff, especially in these inflated used value times.

What a stunning car though, great colour scheme.
It ‘should’ be a 19450 car, not 9450, can’t think of much I’d prefer at double the price!