04-08 Gallardo 560-4

My dream is about 9-12 months away, need to save hard. Although time flies and I'll spend the next 3-6 months researching all. Current shortlist below and the pricing I'm hovering around. Yet, I'm firmly on Lambo land now as this just adds the wow factor which I look for in cars.

05-08- Gallardo LP560-2/4 (Can be picked up £55-65k)
01-03- 360 (Must be sub £50k, given age)
05-06- 430 (Must be sub £60k, need luck there)
09-11 Stradale (Must be sub 65k, lucky starts again)
10-12 GranCab (Must be sub 50k, hens teeth)
07-09 DB9 Volante (Must be sub £40k)


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Don't think you can get a 360 or 430 for the price you are asking for.

There is a really good thread in Pistonheads where this guy is tracking the 430 prices. Would appear it has hit the bottom already and is on an upward curve!

I would say £80k gets you a 430.

I am interested in a Gallardo as well. But a Superleggera - I have moved to the LHD market. You can save around £50k and get one for around £80-90k. But I have no experience in bringing a car over from Europe.

But I don't want to sell my Noble ..... So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

One can only have so many vehicles before it gets silly.


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