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    What do you think of this- Lexus ?

    The LC500 sport plus is nice too
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    Anyone seen this , 4200 featured in video

    talk about the worst 4200 out there
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    Motorway 60mph Air Quality Trial

    So cat converters and particle filters achieve nothing ?
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    Strad depreciation v GTS

    Would anyone consider a Lexus lc500 sport instead of a similar priced GTS ? I would not include the Strad on that as I think it’s very different. The reviews of the Lexus are very good.
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    QPV GTS at auction

    It does indeed look very nice
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    My cats dead

    Interesting that I can’t put in the actual name of the breed of my cat due to filters.
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    My cats dead

    I have 2 maine **** cats now but I have had dogs most of my life. Was never a cat person really until I did the usual expat thing here and rescued a kitten In Spain. Maine coons are very interactive sometimes more dog like than cat. Sorry to hear about your cat .:(
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    Strad depreciation v GTS

    If you don’t want to lose money then I would avoid a a newer MaseratI full stop, they all depreciate just at different speeds. You buy a Strad because you want it for what it is, how it drives and makes you smile.
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    New job protection plan

    no not talking about the great reset. MMT is a different monetary policy / economic system where the Central banks constantly increase money in circulation (permanent QE) and control the the effect of that money and the economy through tax increases/decreases instead of just interest rate...
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    New job protection plan

    This is the first step to a living universal wage for everyone. Welcome to the world of Modern Monetary Theory where the Q/E taps are on forever .
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    Gransports are such a bargain at the moment compared to others
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    Yes I think the world is going mad.. in Japanese auctions R34 gtr‘s selling price has increased 49% this year ... it’s nuts
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    I have two friends who have GT40’s. One has a Gtd replica with an original gurney Weslake engine and it’s a non road legal race car kept at Ascari. The other has a CAV road legal car , both are in gulf spec colours. I have been a passenger in the race car and it’s epic, they are fantastic fun...
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    Curve card

    Does anyone here use a Revolut card here ? We all use it here I assume is a similar concept
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    Cars in the financial doldrums that we should embrace now

    I completely agree with some of the pre mentioned choices. A mk 1 Audi TT sport ( the one without the back seat ) I think is good value, a low mileage mk1 mx5 1.8 as well. Cars which when they came out changed perception of design or drive . Also cars which people had posters of on their wall...