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    Small Paint Chip Repair (Sydney)?

    i used a company called the wheelman 1300 933 299. Maybe they do other work or at least know who to contact.
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    Small Paint Chip Repair (Sydney)?

    I had somebody fix a few minor scratches on my GS wheels at my house in Sydney and was very happy with the results, I can send you the details as maybe he can do other work too.
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    Pic of the day

    Steve one for you.
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    4200 Auxillary Drive Belt.

    1. You can replace the radiator without the need to remove the front bumper. as per my post. 2. As for the auxiliary belt, have a look at my posting for replacing air conditioner compressor as I am sure I mention it there, replacing the auxiliary belt is surprisingly easy. Mas
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    Juddering Wipers on intermittent..

    Worth checking the spindle where the wiper arm is connected. See if there is any play/movement on the spindle this will cause the judder. If there is, it's caused by the wiper motor support broken. Its the top left one normally broken by somebody trying to manoeuvre the wiper motor when...
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    Pic of the day

    Yes great summer 76, remember fixing my Lotus Elan in a mates garage along Roath Park in Cardiff.
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    GS Air Con not 100% effective

    You may have leaves, dead insects etc.. stuck between the condenser and the radiator. In my case the bottom section was about 20 percentage blocked, this was only apparent as I was replacing the radiator. My air con works really well in Sydney
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    Very hot yesterday in Sydney with temp reaching 46c. Like many Sydney folks we headed for the nearest shopping centre. Problem about 500mtrs from the house is bushland with tall gum trees and the ground under growth is heavily build up. The biggest concern are idiots with matches and smoking...
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    Window Switch - 4200

    Where can I purchase a new window lifter switch (driver side)? One of the little pins on either side of the rocker has broken. Looking on Eurospares I could not find the individual switches only the "Complete Dashboard Switch Panel" part No. 208042 Gary
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    Melbourne Cup

    I see you still have the picture Steve
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    Front seat lever issue

    Excellent write up for the seatback. Martijn. On the 4200 there are 2 wiring loom connectors going to the seat. I think the 3200 has a single connector where pin 27 is available for the micro switch. A while ago I did perform the recommended seat reset routine but this did not help. When I...
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    Front seat lever issue

    Martijn, Just to clarify my issue, the seat lever goes down OK but as I tilt the "seat back" forward the seat does not move automatically forward. If I move the "seat back" back and forth a few times then it works. I just popped into the garage 2 minutes ago and this time it worked first time...
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    Front seat lever issue

    Martijm, Much appreciated with your research on this. I feel I will need to take the seat apart but I need to put this on the back burning until I have a bit more time. Wife has been away so been busy rendering / drilling holes in the ceiling for new lights with dust & mess everywhere -...
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    Front seat lever issue

    Martijm, The seat operates fine via the controls. Can you expand on your reference to the pivoting point hinge. Gary
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    Front seat lever issue

    Help needed on the Gransport, On occasions the seat lever does not operate when I tilt the driver seat back section forward. I removed the seat from the car but I could not find where the tilt lever connects to under the seat, I was hoping to find a micro switch. I really wanted to avoid...