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  • Sorry Andy, didn't realise it was full. Should be okay now. Regards, Miles.
    Hi Andy. Hope you are well. Unfortunately I am going to have to sell my Mas due to recession! I hoped to keep it for many years not 3!! mines in top order and 27k miles. i know yours was a cracking car and a later car as well so wondered what you got for it? If you don't mind? I want to shift it but obviously want a decent price. they seem to be advertised from anything from !7k to 9K ? I was hoping fro 14500 but probably not realistic!

    Hi mate here's that link to that Ghibli i was in about , i have spoke to the owner, nice genuine guy and i think you would be able to get it for £5300-5400 readies , worth a look sounds good history with no expense spared

    regards loz
    Hi Andy, Only just noticed this part of the site. Oxford was great, but even Loz missed it too! Nice to see you both and hope to catch up in April here in Bristol
    Hi Andy
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I may be a year older, but the sun is shining and we can finally get out on the tarmac again!!
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