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    Spyder Ready

    Update - after 9 weeks the registration I submitted is finally complete. Don't worry too much about wasted tax though, DVLA did "the right thing" and have set the tax date to 1st July (this month) instead of the 1st June that I had asked for on the V55 form recognizing their own delay.
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    Spyder Ready

    "in the process of UK registration"... Be aware, DVLA have a massive backlog due to skeleton staff. I've had a V55 form in with them to register an imported motorcycle for 7 weeks and heard nothing. I did send the form and associated documentation (which can be considered valuable) as...
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    Contactles throttle potentiometer

    Contact Davy83 on this forum, you won't regret it.
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    3200 Rev Counter

    If I'm reading the wiring diagram correctly, then the tachometer is being triggered by a light Blue and Green wire from the injection ECU to the instrument cluster.
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    Location of 3200GT suspension ECU

    Left hand side in the boot behind the trim. If the car was built with a CD changer there will be an access hatch (as per the battery on the other side).
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    3200 Issues after a Lay-Up

    Other suggestions could be (but check throttle first) Air leak around intake manifold Fuel has gone off and possibly even "gummed up" For the "Code" error, try the spare key if you have it, it may be struggling to recognize the immobiliser chip in the primary key. I had a similar problem and...
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    Bonnet stuck shut

    Lozzer, if you peel back the carpet behind the bonnet catch this should reveal the "emergency" bonnet catch which uses a complete alternative cable provided for just such an eventuality. It is a loose cable with a T type pull control. The sleeve is not anchored to the body like the main...
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    3D Number plates

    I've got the "4d Crystal Plates" which are basically the same as the 3D only raised higher still but with a transparent platform between the letters and the background. The car park in the nearby town actually prints the ticket on entry with the correct number plate every time so I can confirm...
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    3200GT - Error Light on MFD

    Stuart, You mention "flashing" - this is very significant. If the problem relates to an adjuster or its related wiring the warning light will invariably stay on until the ignition is switched off and then on again. If the light goes off without recycling the ignition then it is almost...
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    3200GT - Error Light on MFD

    The way these work is that each of the 4 shock absorber adjusters ("red things on top") are connected to a suspension ECU box in the boot (black box with Bilstein written it). The ECU is continually adjusting each shock absorber according to road speed, acceleration, braking and lateral forces...
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    Classic Car Show NEC

    Sorry - meant to post all 8 (so 7 more)
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    Classic Car Show NEC

    Went there myself on Saturday, always a good day out, had a great chat with Rex B and Graham.
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    3200 idles high after some major work

    Part number 21 here Eurospares Part List
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    3200 idles high after some major work

    It may be worth simply disconnecting the "large vacuum hose" and securely plugging the exit from the plenum. Then, with the engine warm seeing what the idle speed is (don't try and drive the car though - brakes will be extremely hard work!), if it's still 1500 then forget the brake servo, if it...