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    Classic Car Show NEC

    Sorry - meant to post all 8 (so 7 more)
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    Classic Car Show NEC

    Went there myself on Saturday, always a good day out, had a great chat with Rex B and Graham.
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    3200 idles high after some major work

    Part number 21 here Eurospares Part List
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    3200 idles high after some major work

    It may be worth simply disconnecting the "large vacuum hose" and securely plugging the exit from the plenum. Then, with the engine warm seeing what the idle speed is (don't try and drive the car though - brakes will be extremely hard work!), if it's still 1500 then forget the brake servo, if it...
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    3200, no fans and running too hot

    At the beginning of the conversation you were worried about the car overheating on its way to a dealer or specialist for diagnosis or repair. Now that you know the fans do work you could jury rig a permanent supply and drive it to wherever safely with the fan on continuously. The car won't run...
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    Pic of the day

    Greypaul are asking £365,000 for the Dino in the picture. In answer to Zagatoes, yes - it had very smart black leather seats with red stripes.
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    Pic of the day

    Seeing as how Phil liked the photo of the Dino I did... I was back there again today, this time deliberately with my wide angle lens.
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    Pic of the day

    Greypaul Nottingham this morning
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    Lowering 3200Gt

    I have had my 3200GT lowered (15mm - Assetto Corsa spec) but it was as part of a complete AC exercise as suggested by Davy where I swapped out the springs for the AC items (surprisingly half the price of regular springs), an AC steering rack, the SM ARB and finally a full precision geometry set...
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    Brake Pads

    I didn't realize until reading this that there was a discount code for EBC Direct - I was going to buy some yellow stuff pads myself from them so (big) thanks to Newton I just saved £40! Terrific stuff...
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    Exhaust pipe colour

    An MoT emissions test immediately reveals any rich running, even if it's not excessively so. If you had an MoT recently or the exhaust looked the same at the last one then you are fine, if the Mot's due soon then that'll do. If you are really worried (and as Zep suggested, you probably...
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    Replacing the Audio System.

    Should be straightforward. The Mexico has 2 ISO connectors and a proprietry Becker connector solely for the CD Changer. It's very easy (Amazon/EBay) to get adapter leads from the car ISO plugs to Pioneer or whatever make you choose if it doesn't have ISO itself. Do not be fooled into...
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    Audible warning on 4200

    I had something similar on my 3200GT where I got a very strange noise for a few seconds, no warning lights or anything the car continued absolutely fine. It turned out to be the death throes of the factory alarm siren or more to the point the internal battery within it. You don't normally hear...
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    New tyres for my 3200!

    I just fitted a pair of Michelin SP4s on the rear (where a 3200GT needs it) to replace some P Zeros and there was a huge improvement. Michelin don't actually do SP4S in 265/35 x 18 just the SP4 but as Matt says the Michelins are more expensive. I had previously tried some Bridgestones as well...
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    3200 rear shock absorber

    If you suspect electrical then it's worth trying to clean the connection itself - both the one at the suspect actuator and the connection at the ECU. Try and find some aerosol "switch cleaner" such as...