Wiper Blades 4200

So I ordered a few sets of wiper blades from a kickstarter called kimblade, they sent the wrong Maserati Type for me and so I’m looking to sell the set on here while I wait on the correct set arriving. Just looking to get coin back for the import fee and postage, so these will end up being cheaper than a new set by miles. Pic shows a spare set of replacement blades included. Will also include the metal holders as that came with it also.

Fitted a set to my mums twingo, she has noticed a massive difference so far, but whether that’s because they are new or better, time will tell.

Of note they also included a Mini Cooper s set (2003) so if you know anyone... 9E179B96-1163-45B4-AC7A-1B9F8A430D5F.jpeg