What you drinking now?


Talking of local wine.. We really need to arrange a tour of all the vineyards in Essex later in the year, particularly the crouch valley.
Maybe finish at Danbury Ridge since it seems to be well on the way to being acknowledged as the best the country has produced.
Definitely up for that. New Hall vineyard in Purleigh is literally 5 min away from me and Danbury is very close too.


It is indeed an AOC, see label.
The Chenin is also decent, I picked up a mixture of his wines, 136 bottles, when I was last down there in a van with some furniture. Sadly you can only bring back 24 btls per person after brexit so had to leave most of it down there
Ah ok, I did not know that the "Haut Poitou" was an AOC. They say from 2011 https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haut-poitou_(AOC), before it was a VDQS (local). I prefer the Chenin to the Sauvignon.
I know very little about Italian wines.
As there's a Lidl a few miles away, I thought I ought to see what was in the drinks aisle.
Of their run of the mill wines, their buyer rated this highest. So thinking I ought to live dangerously
for once, I bought a couple of bottles. At £5.99 each. I know this price point is dangerous territory, so
I wasn't expecting much.
However, I have to say I was quite pleased. Decent quaffing wine, with a meaty main and/or cheese.
Forgot to let it breathe, so the second bottle will taste better, no doubt. Bit of a dry finish, which I'm
not a fan of. However, the overall effect is a very mellow, medium to full bodied wine that easily holds
its own with a spicy bolognese sauce, but without being over powering.
Strikes me as being very good value.