Thoughts from the road

A long leg today - Collioure to Orléans and it’s amazing when the sat nav says stay on the current road for 627kms! Spot of the day was 911 GT3 RS and we had some fun but I backed off having realised how fast we were going - and I was 3 up with luggage! then encouraged by a madman in a Merc to drop a few gears and accelerate as he had all his windows down and his thumbs up to enjoy the noise. As a result of this and one other guy, the last third of the journey was all in sports manual and Mrs DB was unamused by it all...does this happen in a QP6?
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I'm so envious of you guys! I'm desperate to take the QP on a road trip, but as yet not managed more than 400 miles (which were so easy) we drove to Cornwall last week, but the paddleboard and kids buggy meant that we took the freelander instead.

22mpg is a pretty good score for 2000 miles! As is an average of 60mph!