This is in good nick for 104,000 miler!


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Hi All, just saw this thread and just wanted to say I’m now currently the new owner of the Maserati GS. Yet to pick it up and see it in the flesh. I’ve heard that it changed hands from Andy in September 2019 and sat in a garage until March this year. The garage I’m buying off reassured me that this has been the case. Not complaining about the mileage and maybe I paid over the odds but the car speaks for itself. And having owners like it has done I’m proud to have purchased it ..... thanks Tuls
Congratulations it’s a great example, enjoy!


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I sold it to Andy after my 5 years of ownership, was close to 100% when I sold it even with the high miles which were done in the first few years, from memory had 96k when I purchased it so done little in the last 7 years.
I spent a bit to get it up to where it is now, which to be fare I recouped a good bit back in the sale and good to see her still looking great and going to an enthusiast, any questions feel free to ask.