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Hey guys,

Im searching for a reasonably priced non dealer Maserati guru mechanic operating around the Sydney - Newcastle area.
From my forum searches I have been lead to Andrea Motori, he has excellent reviews both on google and facebook almost 100% positive.
He seems to be the diamond in the sea of lets just say average mechanics in the area.

Anyone have any recommendations or can point me in a direction

much appreciated.


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Cavalino.....never used them but both of my gs have services stamped by them whilst under NSW ownership. Reasonable hourly rates from what the invoices suggested.
Andrea Vitale specialises in Italian machines - there is always a good selection he is servicing from Maserati and Ferrari through Lamborghini and Alfa etc. He used to work for the main dealer before setting up on his own and is a wealth of knowledge. Have a chat with him and see if he suits what you need.


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Road and Track have moved from Silverwater to new expansive space in Zetland, 124 Joyner Street.
I haven't used them since the move. New staff as well.

I can recommend Vic at Scuderia Cavallino on Parramatta Road, Auburn.
Trained at the Ferrari Maserati dealership under Andrea, but has better rates.
He is willing to look at alternate source parts such as upgrading my clutch to the F430 spec.
Terrible experience with Andrea Motori.

A/C was blowing hot in my Maser GT after a battery failure. Charged me US$2000 for a so called faulty air conditioning part . Still blew hot.

He Refused to fix it again, saying he would have to take apart the front console.

Decided to change the battery at another mechanic. Hey presto. Cool air.

Andrea insisted changing all brake rotors. Refused to do so at the time. 20,000kms later, still no problems with my rotors.

Scuderia Cavallino is ok if you don't mind having a blank page with just the charge instead of a detailed breakdown of labour and parts in your service bill (my experience).

My pick: Lou at European Galleria. Honest, upfront and reasonable.
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Interesting classico…Were you the 1 neg review on his google review ? I was leading towards Andrea Vitali (motori), after speaking with him and researching I was under the impression he was one of the best Maz techs on the east coast....

Bruce I have seen a few service books from different Quattroportes with Road & Track stamped in there however dated back so I guess it would be the old shop.

Not only am I trying to achieve expert tech I am also trying to avoid the high service costs associated with dealer servicing and the brand in general...