SPORTSCARS IN THE PARK, Newby Hall, North Yorks - 1 August 2021


Centenary Club
After many delays and cancellations, SCITP is up and running again taking place as above. It's always a massive show with some interesting metal (both good and bad!) there in a lovely setting. Getting in can be lengthy although they claim to have sorted this out this year. They also say they are clamping down on some of the more anti-social elements and banning loud music and excessive revving of turbo charged 4 pot sewing machines.

Tickets are for sale at £7.50pp which from memory seems to be a reasonable increase on previous years but I assume you get entry to the gardens with that. I've been quite a few times so I'll probably decide nearer the time unless a number of people are interested in going then I'll rock up. Add names below.

You need to buy tickets from the website here Register as a member of SportsMaserati and we will get parked together.

1. Doohickey


Centenary Club
Lovely venue. Attended an Italian day of some description there several years ago.