Shite that I don't need


Has anybody got a chainsaw that they don't need or is willing to lend me?
I could hire one from HSS for the weekend at £97 or buy a cheap petrol one from Aldi for £80!
I only need it to cut down a silver birch and chop it up.
An axe is too manual unless I ask a hipster with their lumberjack shirt an frontier beard, but their loose at the top jeans might foul their swinging action...
I've got three actually, baby, midi and monster, and yes I do know how to use them and have all the necessary PPE, unfortunately I'm in Dorset, so not a lot of use to you I'm afraid.


Things I don't need? I suppose the most powerful deskside computer in the world - a £300,000 graphics workstation would be top of my list!! Alongside a £20,000 ex arrows F1 graphics workstation.

But more recently, I'm a sucker for a toughbook, currently have 7 various ones in the pile!

An apple press is one thing that I keep looking at! But our orchard doesn't constantly produce enough apples to make it worthwhile...