Retrofit Carplay in GTS


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For the Australian audience...

I ended up choosing McCarroll’s competing system to Naviplus.

First impressions is the kit really modernises the car with Waze, phone with a proper mute button on screen, access to music. Reverse camera works well. It’s a corded solution (cord pops out between carpets on passenger side) as I wanted phone recharge given Waze chews power. It can do Apple and Android without modification, we’ll bar a different cord.
The NIT mode has to be on AUX and then you press the phone button on the steering wheel.

What I find frustrating is the phone sound quality, seems as poor as old even with a new mic near the review mirror. I’ll get them to look at this as this is a noticeable disappointment given how poor the OEM phone is.

System isn’t seamless in that it takes a bit boot up and it sometimes needs disconnecting of the cord to get it to marry. Make sure you have your phone set to allow access to carplay when locked.

As to cost, well Naviplus quoted system plus install for $1,500 in Sydney (Naviplus are Melb.) My concern was who would be pulling apart from dash and not creating an issue in my remaining warranty car, versus going to the dealer.

I paid more but not stupidly more.

I’d recommend doing this upgrade (Naviplus or competing overlay systems) as it really makes a difference, if only for Waze and music.