Restaurant recommendations - Lake Como (centre lake)


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I figured I'd post this in here, as I suspect it gets more traffic than the events sub-forum - apologies if I'm breaching protocol.

I'm looking for a special occasion restaurant (25th Wedding Anniversary) around Lake Como - we'll be staying in Tremezzo, but Bellagio and other centre lake places are easily accessible and the ferrys run until midnight. Reason for staying in Tremezzo is that it's the same hotel we stayed in on our honeymoon.

There are two that I have found that on first appraisal look bang on, but on digging a bit deeper they lose their initial sparkle. The first is Ristorante La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi in Tremezzo - the setting looks awesome, but I'm always wary of anywhere that tries to spruce up the food using gold leaf. The second is the Mistral in Bellagio - it has a Michelin Star, but they're only doing a set menu when we're going (3 weeks time, in theory), and the menu doesn't grab me (Peacock ravioli anyone - I enquired about booking and they sent me the menu, which is different to the one on-line).

I'm sure that one of the events visited Lake Como, so I'm looking for any recommendations for stand-out restaurants.

We are driving there in a Gran Cabrio, so any other tips for must see places or must drive roads welcome.