Quick question on Granturismo exhaust differences


Hey a quick question for you GTS owners. My exhaust valves are open all the time because I have disconnected the vaccum hoses.

However I note that it is always much louder when I cold start. I want it like that all the time as it sounds epic. But after 30 seconds or so it reverts back to the normal 'open' valve sound.

My valves do work as I reconnected the vacuum hoses to check and its quiet with them closed, louder when open, and louder still when cold.

Any thoughts as to how to get the louder sound?
I think it's just because the cars rev slightly when cold to warm the engines up quicker. My Strad sounds a lot louder when cold with valves open but then the engine slows down after 30 or so seconds and the exhaust not also goes quieter.


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Can only speak for the Sport MCAuto..

Valves open on cold start... (maybe 2 mins depending on temp - about the same time it takes me to close the garage doors)
If you press the Sport Button - then valves open at about 3,000 revs
If you have the sport button pressed AND the car in Manual mode, then Valves are open all the time.


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They are open all of the time in Sport on an MC Shift.
The tail pipes differ from Auto(twin outlet) either side to MC Shift(Single Oval) either side.
On an MC Shift car (and MC Auto ****) the valves open fully at 3k and above (ie they are partially open on idle) and on a Strad they open fully in RACE mode all the time.