QP 5 - PB with Fog Lights


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I have problems with my fog lights
Reminder: Anti fog rear right KO
Disconnecting the right rear headlight => Stop OK and fog light Left OK
Disconnecting the left rear headlight => Stop OK and Fog Right KO
Replacing the right headlight instead of the left to check if the board is OK => Stop OK and Fog OK
So the right headlight works perfectly.

Bulb holder has 3 wires: Black (Ground), Blue (Stage lights) and Red (Fog phase)
If I test the voltage without putting the bulb, and that I put the contact with the fires and without anti fog:
Black-Blue Voltage: 11.62V
Black-Red Voltage: 10.98V

If I activate the fog:
Voltage Black-Blue: 11,55V
Black-Red Voltage: 10.89V

By cons, as soon as I put the bulb, the voltage at the terminals Black and Red is 0V.

An idea ?