QP £9495

If he's had a new car on order for the length of time it's been advertised it must be a Morgan

I'd be very surprised if he got offered much more than 6k for it in a PX , I enquired about a GTS QP that was 200 miles away but wasn't going to drive the 4200 all the way down there without a firm offer , GTS was 25k at an Audi dealer , they offered me 6k for it , that was just after the respray when it was running OK and I'm 100% sure there would have been some WBAC type reductions
Ah the black press car that that Top Gear used. That car started at 29k.
do you really think an extra 500cc is worth more than double the money? I defy anyone to notice the 10% more HP in real world driving.. especially if the 4.7 is an "Automatica".... the difference between 400 and 440 HP is negligible in a 2 ton car..

I’m performance terms probably not but in my humble opinion it’s a better built car as many components were upgraded and of course the variators were fixed around 2010 etc....
...9k for a QP with 66k on.....Madness....
Yup, depressing. It's even presented well with good photographs. Often you can make excuses for a car if the advertiser makes a pig's ear of photographing it but this looks good. Blue won't be everyone's taste but it will be someone's.
They just don't sell which must have a bearing a prices so low. This car started around 12k and the owner has been slowly dropping to get a sale. Such a limited market even at 9k.