Pollen Filter & Wiper service


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Decided to kill two birds with one shot, pollen filter stories have been bugging me , fans full of water and leaves and wet feet etc etc, Wipers were sometimes giving Juudder if not running on wet winscreen.

Striped of the wipers ,removed pollen filter, reasonably clean and only couple bits of leaf in borrow filter box, was a bit miffed after all the horror stories on this site, fan motor was also clear,and NO water therein.

Greased the joints on the wiper motor lincage , checked in the worm gear , plenty grease , re fitted after hovering all the dirt from the bay below cover. Wet screen and tested on all speeds, working perfect.

Once again after reading all the horror stories on the site I expected the worst, and one again I found that not all Maserati conform to the normal. My car had a bit of **** mostly dried dust below scuttle, few bits of leaf and seed debris, filter was used but not filthy, no water in fan housing, best thing about the Job, Noe no judder on wiper operation.

To those that have not done it, it's not a big job, and like me you hopefully will be wondering what all the fuss was about....