One year on...


Had the QP for a year now, put 7k miles on it, not as many as I thought I would, seeing as I always planned it to be a DD, and I have no other car...

Anyway, car was a DD too for the Top Bod at Three Ireland, then exported to NI and weekend car for a year or two, when I bought it. As soon as I did I had two coil packs go (on drive back home after I bought it), then transmission failure, (clutch position sensor), then engine speed sensor failed, total no-start in North Strand Dublin, caused a traffic incident.

Since then, perfect, touch wood, used every day, 13-15 mpg round town, 22-24 mpg on a trip, have eeked out 34 on m-way but that was just deliberate old biddy driving on flat bits.

Done major 100k service (at Indy), replaced TPMS ECU, got aluminium pedal (proper Maser ones), new battery, spent about 2k max.

Still got driver door window to sort, replaced almost everything in there but still doesn't work properly, had a petrol smell yesterday that worried me, gone today.

Odd thing, handbrake works properly now, never touched it, and here are a few things I would like peoples opinions on;

1. Sometimes in morning brake pedal is rock hard, like all vacuum has leaked out.

2. Sometimes it remembers I last selected sport mode, others it doesn't - any logic to it?

3. Pressing button for Normal over Auto takes ages to respond, why?

So far so good, Marios checked clutch last year can't remember how much was on it (32%?), dunno if that meant worn or left. Clutch was replaced 98k (first one according to service full service history) I took it to Marios on 103k so I hope that means I've got a fair bit left. Showing no signs of wear anyway. 109k now.

All in all the perfect reasonably inexpensive exotic car daily drive I reckon.


We got our cars around the same time... and glad you have enjoyed the journey as much as myself!
I've managed 8500 miles and it's been such a great ride so far, these really are special cars...

I bought mine expecting to pump money into it, but so far, (touch wood!) it's cost nothing, other than 4 tyres and a refurb of the wheels, but that was due to environmental factors, not the car self destructing, so I don't count that!
I've never had a car that has garnered such admiration, people just have no idea how cheap or old the machine is, it always turns heads and surprises, of course, it's fast... but it's such a comfortable barge, even in sport mode!

My car will usually switch back to normal when turned off, unless it's not off for long - I've always assumed it's a capacitor holding some charge somewhere, it always goes back to Auto.

Normal/auto is always instantaneous- hopefully I've not jinxed it yet!!!

My computer is showing 17.7mpg over the past 1700 miles, on a run I've eeked out 24mpg, I didn't think there was a 3 programmed into the computer! So how you managed 34! That must have been one long hill to coast down!!!!


Ha! Re: 34 mpg, was M62 East, Lofthouse, smart motorway limit came on 60 than 50 for no reason, so we coasted, got daughters BF to take pics of display for proof cos I knew I'd get unrealistically good mpg, off at Outlon/Wakefield junction, 34mpg. It IS possible! So from that I reckon 27/8 is realistically possible on a run when you get to know the road. Of course then you don't get to feel the burn or hear the roar....

Nice tho that it's dual-character....


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Ive had mine for a year too and loved every bit of it. Done nearly 4k over the past year incl a trip to germany. Struggling to get the consumption near 20mpgs let alone 30 thought.