Nice? 3200 coming to auction

I'd never normally buy a 3200 without a PPI but I like the look of this one coming up at Historics at Brooklands later this month. I know green is not popular but I really like the colour and even the matching carpet! I've dropped a line to Mike Roberts, who appears to have done lots of work of the car, in case he can "shed" any light on what else the car needs and if it's recently been checked for end float. Not expecting him to be able to help ivo all the information security laws in force these days.

Don't suppose anyone knows the car or the owner? Plenty of stuff sold for below lower estimate recently so might be worth a punt as if it's a wrong 'en still worth a few grand just as a parts car.
Two words - END FLOAT! If the reading is good, it could be a great buy. But if it's not, it's game over. As even with a £15K budget you'd struggle to rebuild the engine now given the lack of parts availability.
It's certainly a good looking colour combination.

All auction houses are struggling at the moment. You could wait to see if it doesn't sell and then make a cheeky offer on basis of commission included. Let the auction house and vendor fight out what is taken out of your offer by way of commission.

Brightwells' standard rate is 10% + vat but have recently agreed 4% inclusive on a sale price that was several thousand below lower estimate... at least according to the invoice.

The market for V8 GTs is pretty slow. Expect to get some, probably unloved, bargains in the next 6 months... but if the car appeals and is one as rare as this then go for it. Can you not get someone to inspect ahead of the auction?
Thanks for your thoughts gents. Posted just in case anyone knew the car. Being sensible have to assume the car is possibly going to auction because it has end float slop or other issues.

The car can be viewed 2 days before the auction, but not driven. I'd want to see it myself to ensure it wasn't a dog so that wouldn't leave a window to organise an inspection.
You can end up with a good car at auction as long as you inspect it properly including all the paperwork, worth checking the V5c to see if it's a private sale or trader. Historics are very accommodating with inspections, but with all auctions it's "buyer beware" once the gavel falls it's yours and if any problems with the car there is nothing you can do about it. The write up is technically from the seller not the auction house.


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I’m pretty sure this car may have been previously advertised with Shiltech so maybe worth seeing what they know about it