My old Intgrale

Well who would credit it....A chap from Belgium had contacted me as he believed I owned the Integrale he has bought. I owned the car for a year back in 1997....He had a receipt from when I px the E30 M3 for it.......He has some pictures.....

Great to see she is still about after 18 years....



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It reminds me of me when I recently contacted the Greek guy who owned the 3200 from new and he sent me a really nice email back detailing the history of the car etc....


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It reminds me of me when I recently contacted the Greek guy who owned the 3200 from new and he sent me a really nice email back detailing the history of the car etc....
If I tried that with the first owner of my Stag, I would most likely find out they would have died of old age!


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He sent me this: It will be great to go in the service history file with the car if we ever sell it.

Hi Phil

Glad to help if I can. I will write to Meridian Modena asking them to release the master key. I will email you once I have a response.

Between January 2004 and October 2008 the car was stored in a garage in Athens, Greece. The mileage that it did during these four years was the return trip from London to Athens and back (around 3,000m). Since then it has been maintained by H R Owen in Park Royal, London. H R Owen should have a full record of all the works done since 2009.

You should not have any mechanical problems with the car as it has been well maintained and all key parts have been replaced on time (timing chain, discs, suspension, air con, break systems, etc). The only item that may require attention in the next 12 months will be the exhaust.

Being an Italian car it suffers from the usual Italian disease: occasional minor electrical faults!! You may get the Check Engine warning come up from time to time. This has been an issue since 2000(!), which the collective brains of Meridian Modena and HR Owen have been unable to resolve. There is nothing wrong with the engine of course. Last attempt to resolve it was 2013 when HR Owen replaced the sender unit at a cost of £600 plus VAT!!! Guess what... it did not work.

Apart from this I am not aware of any other issue. I trust that you will have a chance to enjoy the car for another 15 years at least!!!

Kind regards



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My SZ was in Classic Car some years ago and the journalist recognised the original owners name in the history and contacted him. it turned out he was a main board director for Fiat but remembered his time with the SZ and sent a lovely letter about the time Alfa took it to California for Concourso Italiano

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the note. The pics are fantastic! Yes, this was my own personal
car and I have quite a few fond memories of ownership.

The most amusing was when the car was shipped to California in 1998 to be
displayed at the Concorso Italiano event (Fiat Group was a sponsor for many
years) which is held annually during the Pebble Beach weekend. As the Alfa
Museum did not have an SZ, I was asked if I could ship mine.

After the event, I spent the weekend driving the car around Carmel and also
took it to Pebble Beach. It was as if someone had let off a thermo-nuclear
device in the area! People just stood, jaws dropped, staring at the SZ. Even
the local Police, used to seeing all sorts of exotica year in, year out,
were moved to pulling me up just to have a prod! I know that I upset and
upstaged many Ferrari/ Lambo / Maserati collectors! Also collected a wad
of firm orders from Alfa enthusiasts keen to buy the car. Alas, I was unable
to take advantage of the most generous offers, as registering the car in the
US was virtually impossible due to draconian US import regulations.

Anyway, its nice to see that my SZ has gone to a good UK home!

I look forward to reading your piece.

Best wishes,


Richard Gadeselli,
Vice President,
International Corporate Communications,
Fiat Group,
Via Nizza 250,
10126 Turin, Italy

We even found some photos from the event with the number plate it still has


All adds to the history, so it is often worth following up with past owners :)


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I once saw my old Integrale for sale two years after I sold it and with 10,000 less miles. This is going back a long time and thankfully now the mileage checks on previous MOTs and HPI go a long way to preventing this
Stuart, I had a GTV V6 with the same....Saw it advertised a number of years later with less miles....I sent a polite mail to the dealer selling and then the advert disappeared.


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Same has happened to me; a car I'd had from new, had all the right side replaced after a truck pulled its trailer along me, the left door and rear wing replaced, and with 60k on the clock. Apparently it was a two owner, no accident damage car with 55k when it was up for sale 3 years later!

It's still common though, despite the MoT history etc.


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It shows that it's always better to buy from someone you know or is known to you where possible, some people will day anything to get a sale & still manage to sleep at night!


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I haven't seen or heard of my gorgeous red evo2 (L*** MBL) since I sold it, I would love to know if it's still alive if anyone has come across it!