Maserati 4200 Window and Door Lock Failure


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Automotive Engineer that has owned many older sportscars and exotics--however this is my first post on this forum with regards to my more modern, albeit 15 year old, Maserati (i.e. it's from the non-carbureted era). At any rate, I recently encountered a problem with my Maserati 4200 where both windows stopped working at the same time. While I was trying to diagnose the problem I, noticed that the door locks did not work either. Because I never lock my doors (no one steals Maserati's in Michigan... the money is in flipping Honda's), I wasn't sure if this was a related problem. It was.

The culprit turned out to be a faulty "Window ECU" or as Maserati refers to it as a "Glass Lifting Electronic Control Module" (PN 192673 or Ferrari equivalent cross-over). I read a couple of posts that were unanswered on this Forum and other Forums where individuals had run across this problem and were looking for help, so I thought this might be useful.




Hi John, welcome to the forum and thank you for a very helpful first post. It's unusual that someone contributes something so useful so quickly!