Maserati 4200 GT Manual Facelift for sale


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A forum member posted this a while ago:
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Yes I have seen that before —so that post is saying there were only 89 right hand drive Uk facelift cars across the board including spider and coupe if I’m reading it correctly—so if you work out the percentage of those that are coupes verses spiders, then work out the percentage of cars ordered with the manual gearboxes ( only a small fraction ) I would hazard an educated guess in single numbers for Uk manual facelift coupes. As I stated before I think the numbers are extremely low and nothing like the 60 units suggested.


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Goodness, that seems very low. How many are on this forum? - I am one for starters (2005 Nero Carbonio/Avorio).


Not sure sorry. I know the total manual population in the UK is between 200-300 (likely on the lower end).

Howmanyareleft is not accurate because Maserati did not register the cars correctly with the DVLA - my 4200GT is registered as a Spyder GT which is annoying
A very good point, they had my manual down as an auto. I did get this corrected with verification of chassis and engine numbers from Maserati Italy.