Low Oil Pressure

Ian H

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On last cambelt change I swapped the oil pressure sender with an after market unit. It shows ~2.5 bar at idle and off the scale under normal cruise/acceleration
Since then I have been plagued with the warning light coming on at idle on the oil pressure gauge and occassionally an oil warning message on the dash.
I even now have an oil warning light coming on unde heavy acceleration.
The engine oil I use is Selenia racing 10w-60
Couple of questions:

Does the oil gauge warning light and Oil Warning dash message feed off the same sensor?
What determines which comes on since they seem to appear indepedently?
Is there a source for a repalcement unit - when I last looked they were no longer available - I suspect/hope this aftermarket one is not fit for purpose.
Is there a way to tell if there is a real oil pressure problem - I have checked the pressure reading with and without the clutch depressed and it does not change so I hope it is not the clutch / crank end float issue.

Many thanks



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Hi Sorry to hear you are having issues Call Mike at MaseratiShed. He will no doubt give you not only advice but very likely a solution too.
If you google maseratished mikes numbers will come up he is just outside Portsmouth south coast
I hope its something simple!


I expect that the warning will be based on the same sender, but don’t know for sure.

The normal way of seeing if there is an issue would be to fit a proper gauge, but that doesn’t seem practical as it happens under hard acceleration! Could it be a wiring issue, causing a momentary dip in the reading triggering the warning?

Rex B

It seems like your problem is the sensor so If you go on eBay Modena in Germany have a new Maserati sensor for £212.
If you are concerned about end float it only takes a few minutes to check with a dial
I also know of some cases where one of the crankshaft oil gallery blanking plugs has popped out causing low oil pressure. This happened to a mate of mine and resulted in low oil pressure at idle and around 4 bar at higher rpm.