Keys in Boot Syndrome

Mike the Bear

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The keys to our Spyder ended up locked in the boot (in somebody's handbag) so the AA were called. They failed to open either the boot or the car doors. However a call to Phil at PK Supercars put things right. (Edited for public forum - Newton) Luckily we were stopped at a nice pub for lunch (The Chequers at Ledsham, Yorks.).

Mike the Sporting Bear
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This happened to me at AutoItalia 2016! I was parked up outside Brooklands Hotel waiting to watch the track display when I realised the boot release button in the glove box was getting stuck 'in' but it wasn't releasing the boot latch, so I assumed a simple electrical issue, before taking the switch out I though I better turn the battery off so I unlocked the boot with the key and switched off the Power Isolator, after 30 seconds or so I switched it back before shutting the boot 'DOH!' the keys are now inside the boot and the alarm is tweeting to let you know if you don't press the unlock button sharpish the sirens will ring aloud in front of a mass of people... the windows were down, the doors ajar! I then called the RAC but they said because of the type of car it was they wont have the correct tools...ignorant! I managed to get it open in the end after about an hour of playing around with the lock mechanism 'I wont say exactly due to security reasons', then once I had my keys back in my hands and the alarm was silenced the button ironically was working perfectly fine again, what a day - the Mrs was absolutely livid!


Interestingly I thought I had a fault with the boot on the Ghibli. The bl%$&y thing wouldn't stay shut! It turned out that the spare key was in a handbag in the boot and the car was detecting it and refusing to latch. Too smart if you ask me.