GTS Active Exhaust


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My 4.7 opens at 3k RPM in auto and all the time in sport mode, however i have sports pack so I believe has a slightly different exhaust. Noticed the other day in sports mode i went onto the motorway and used the paddles to put it into 6th, the exhaust was still loud and when i flicked it into auto mode stayed loud until i cane of the motorway and to a stop, after this it was quiet again. If i dont use the paddles and put it into auto from sports the exhaust note drops right away. Sounds great but not for a long journey on the motorway.


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I think it does but it's whether the 4.7 MCS does the same in manual. I can't test mine until I get her back from the MD, she's getting pampered to the tune of £4k :)
Sounds like a nice amount of pampering! What are you getting done?


Has anyone got the Larini valve control remote kit on their GTS? If so, is it worth it? I'm thinking about replacing my rear boxes as the valves are knackered.
I’ve got remote valve control on mine. It’s well worth having as you can leave it in normal suspension mode but have the valves open.
Its a generic system that Aldous @ AV Engineering fitted. Think it was £150.